14 Must-Have Gifts for Audiophiles and Music Lovers

14 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers
14 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers
14 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Everyone loves a good tune. But some of us music lovers take our listening experience a little further. Hi-fi stereo equipment, headphone amps, DAC’s, room tuning… these are familiar terms for the audiophile.

For those obsessed with music more than the average joe, the art of listening and representing audio is a way to participate with the music we love. But when you truly begin to understand your friend’s audile compulsions and quirks, gift giving can feel difficult.

For the audiophiles and music lovers in your life, we have put together the perfect list of gifts. Every one of this will be sure to strike a chord.

We cover the whole frequency range, from accessories & décor to real hi-fi audio equipment. Music-lovers will not be disappointed! Read on for our top 10 gift ideas, choices for him & her, and our NO. 1 pick for any audiophile or music lover.

As a bonus, we’ve also made a list of real HI-FI equipment you can happily gift to any audiophile!

1. Noise Cancelling Panels

10 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Most of us don’t have the money or time to renovate our homes into professional recording studios. Our homes have square rooms with drywall or other sound-reflecting materials. These reflections affect the way we hear music!

These noise-cancelling panels help eliminate those noises so we can listen to the music as it was meant to be heard. They absorb frequencies that tend to reverberate badly. A set of sound absorbing panels would make any music lover or audiophile sing for joy (but probably won’t make their singing any better).

Pro Tip: To see for yourself, clap your hands in your bedroom and listen for a tinny ring that echoes back to you.

2. Record Cleaner Kit

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Records collect dust and dirt and need the occasional cleaning to sound their best. For audiophiles, cleaning their records is a joy in itself! It keeps those records sounding warm and smooth.

Not all record cleaners are equal. This set comes complete with a cleaning spray, a velvet brush to collect dust, a bristle brush to clean the velvet brush, and a gel cleanser for the turntable needle.

3. Marshall Speaker Key Hanger

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Marshall amps are legendary in the history of Rock. To this day, Marshall stacks can be seen on the biggest stages in the world, being used by the biggest bands.

Present your music-loving friend with a token of that history. This Marshall amp key hanger comes with 4 keychains, so they can plug in their keys like a Les Paul.

A great gift for audiophiles that will be used every day!

4. 1960 Headphones Blueprint

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Give a gift from music history with this print of an original 1960’s headphone patent blueprint.

For the music lover with an engineering bent, this print is a fun way to display their listening obsession. Plus it’s an excellent conversation piece.

5. Music Keychain

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Help your audiophile to rock their great music taste on the go.

This customized keychain comes with your music-lover’s favorite song title and album cover displayed for all to see.

6. Steel Speaker Stand

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Great speakers don’t belong on the floor. And installing wall mounts can be time-consuming, and doesn’t leave you with the option of rearranging the room. This makes these steel speaker stands the go-to option! They are sure to be used often and thoughtfully.

For the uninitiated, speaker stands aren’t just for looking great and keeping expensive stereo speakers off the dirty floor. They have a huge impact on the sound of the speakers by clearing up the sound. This way, frequencies can be kept from reflecting off the floor and getting muddy.

Speaker stands also direct the speakers up towards the listeners ears, so you hear the music first… not the reflections of the walls and floors. It’s the little things that enthusiasts can really appreciate.

7. Personalized Headphone Stand

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Headphone stands are one of the most useful but forgotten accessories for audiophiles. Headphones sit on the desk and collect dust, and are exposed to damage and spills. Get your music-loving friends a headphone stand worthy of their expensive ear-cans.

This geometric headphone stand can be personalized with your friend’s name, logo, or custom text. A perfectly useful gift that looks cool, too.

8. Guitar Lessons for Kids & Adults

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

We’ve all wanted to learn to play the guitar at some point. Maybe we even picked up a few chord shapes. But for hardcore music lovers, participating with the music by playing along could be a dream come true.

For kids ( and even adults) the gift of music lessons could be the start of a fun new adventure!

Learning the guitar can be a relaxing hobby, or even a symbol of breaking out of ordinary routines and the feeling of getting stuck. Not to mention that it will be so fun to finally be able to play those favorite tunes!

9. Turntable Slip Mat

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Sure, the vinyl album looks cool when its spinning on the table. But you don’t want to keep it there after your done (dust will get in the record grooves and ruin it!).

Keep the table looking sleek 24/7 with this turntable slip mat. This mat goes underneath the vinyl album to protect it while spinning, and will look awesome as an accessory to the entertainment room.

10. Personalized Page Holder

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

This page holder is a great way to keep sheet music organized. For the audiophile who also acts the musician, tackling sheet music can be an annoyance.

Personalize your gift for your friend by adding their name or a thoughtful message to the stainless steel page holder.

Not only does it hold sheet music, but it can keep recipe books open (perfect for when our hands are covered in messy ingredients) and also makes a great bookmark. I even use one to mark the spot where I pull out records!

11. Retro Vinyl Coasters

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Cute and quirky décor for the girl who can’t get enough vinyl. Spin those drinks without leaving a mark, and enjoy the punny copyright-avoiding album titles.

These retro vinyl coasters won’t skid, and are destined to be a fun conversation piece.

12. Record Collection Display

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

We’ve all got record collections… some of us have shelves full of them. But usually there are a choice few that we like to listen to and show off the most.

This easy-assembly record display comes with record case grooves to keep those *LP’s in order. Help your friends keep those favorites within reach!

*LP stands for “Long Playing,” aka, a vinyl album.

13. Leather Headphones Case

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Every music enthusiast needs a good headphone case to keep his expensive assets covered! This case is made with real buffalo leather and has slots for cables and other earbuds, as well as a pocket that is perfect for his DAC or headphone amp.

14. Personalized Music Box

15 Must-have Gifts For Audiophiles And Music Lovers

Imagine the look on her face when she hears the chiming of “Fur Elise” lifting up a sentimental photo of you both on the lid of her own music box.

Music boxes are a classic and elegant gift for any occasion. This personalized box includes a printing of your photo, a heartfelt note of your description, and your choice from 4 celebrated melodies.

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