International Talk Like a Pirate Day — Pirate Lingo and Costumes

International Talk Like A Pirate Day — Pirate Lingo And Costumes

Discover the Best Pirate Lingo and Costumes for the Perfect Celebration

Ahoy, me hearties! On September 19th, we celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. To truly immerse yourself in the spirit of this holiday, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with authentic pirate lingo. Fear not, as we have you and your pirate crew covered with the most captivating pirate expressions for your voyage on the high seas. Combine these phrases with our exceptional selection of pirate costumes, and you’ll be prepared to set sail!

“Shiver me timbers” – the Exclamation of Shock and Surprise

International Talk Like A Pirate Day — Pirate Lingo And Costumes

“Shiver me timbers” is a phrase frequently used by pirates to express astonishment. Whether you encounter a lurking kraken beneath the waves or stumble upon a hidden trove of pirate’s booty, this catch-all expression belongs in your pirate lexicon. As you don our Adult Pirate Costume, a classic ensemble featuring a pullover shirt, pants, an eyepatch, a bandana, a belt, and boot covers, unleash a triumphant “shiver me timbers!” into the night. With this timeless attire, your seafaring adventures are bound to be memorable.

“Avast ye, hearties” – Capturing Your Crew’s Attention

“Avast ye, hearties” serves as an attention-grabbing phrase for addressing your fellow buccaneers. Picture yourself in the crow’s nest of your pirate ship, spotting an uncharted island on the horizon. To alert your crew, call out this essential expression, for there is no “I” in “crew.” Take command of your swashbuckling comrades with our Castaway Cutie Pirate Costume from our Signature Collection. This delightful ensemble includes a dress with a tiered skirt, a vest, a captain’s hat, a head wrap, a belt, and a dagger.

“Aye, aye” – Confirming Your Understanding

“Aye, aye” is a swift response to demonstrate comprehension of your crewmates’ instructions. Should your captain command you to raise the sails, a genuine pirate would not reply with a mere “sure thing.” Instead, unleash a resounding “aye, aye!” to showcase your loyalty. Opt for our Adult Pirate Costume from our Signature Collection, a classic pirate outfit featuring a vest with an attached chest strap, a collared cuffed shirt, pants, a skull-buckled belt, a captain’s hat, an eyepatch, and a dagger. With this stylish attire, you are guaranteed to receive enthusiastic “aye ayes” from your entire crew.

“Walk the plank” – A Dreaded Punishment

International Talk Like A Pirate Day — Pirate Lingo And Costumes

To “walk the plank” is a phrase that sends shivers down the spine of any pirate, as it signifies a dire punishment. Those who receive this order must tread upon a plank, leading them straight into the depths of the sea. This consequence is reserved for the most heinous piratical transgressions, so make sure to remain on your best behavior while serving alongside your pirate crew. Suggest that an unruly fellow pirate “walk the plank” while clad in our Castaway Beauty Pirate Costume from our Signature Collection. This elegant ensemble consists of a dress, a captain’s hat, a vest, a belt, a dagger, and a headband. With this commanding outfit, you will swiftly assume control of your fellow pirates.

“Batten down the hatches” – Preparing for Stormy Seas

International Talk Like A Pirate Day — Pirate Lingo And Costumes

When your captain bellows “batten down the hatches,” swift action is required from every crew member. This command necessitates securing and stabilizing everything on the ship in anticipation of an oncoming tempest. The sea can be unforgiving, as any seasoned pirate knows. Equip your ship for any challenge the sea presents with our Kids Swashbuckling Sweetie Pirate Costume. This adorable apparel comprises a classic pirate dress and a matching hat. With this stylish ensemble, you will be fully prepared to ensure your ship remains seaworthy throughout any storm.

“Plundering booty” – Acquiring Coveted Treasure

International Talk Like A Pirate Day — Pirate Lingo And Costumes

“Plundering booty” refers to the act of acquiring coveted riches, a practice synonymous with pirates. In pirate parlance, “plunder” signifies theft, while “booty” refers to treasure. Depending on your ship’s modus operandi, your pirate crew may procure treasure by following maps or pillaging it from other seafarers and pirates encountered on the high seas. Regardless of the method, pirates relentlessly expand their collections of riches. Before engaging in any plundering activities, ensure your crew is battle-ready. Arm them with pirate swords to strike fear into the hearts of those unfortunate enough to cross your path. And for the perfect pirate companion, don’t forget to perch a lively parrot upon your shoulder.

Now that we’ve introduced the essential pirate expressions for a night filled with hearty pirate revelry, let’s engage in a lightning round of additional phrases to enhance your pirate persona. “Yarrrrrrgh,” one of the most renowned pirate exclamations, is a must-have for aspiring pirates, expressing profound enthusiasm for life on the high seas. Infuse your speech with the occasional “yo ho ho” to demonstrate your unwavering devotion to the ocean. While “mateys” is a fitting term for your crew, spice things up by affectionately referring to mischievous crewmates as “scalawags.” With these expressions at your disposal, accompanied by your swashbuckling pirate costume on International Talk Like a Pirate Day or Halloween night, there will be no doubt that you are a true pirate, not a landlubber unfamiliar with the pirate’s life.

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