The 8 Most Important Steps for Holding a Responsible Séance

The 8 Most Important Steps For Holding A Responsible Séance

So you’re interested in connecting with spirits. We’ve all seen enough scary movies to know that this is a courageous decision, but after doing some research, you feel ready! We’re here to outline all the guidelines you should follow to responsibly communicate with the other side. Here are eight steps to ensure a responsible séance.

Step 1: Attend a Séance First

The 8 Most Important Steps For Holding A Responsible Séance

We understand your excitement, but it may be helpful to talk to someone who regularly holds séances. Ask if you can join them for one of their upcoming sessions. Attending a preparatory séance will guide your approach, offer insights into what to expect, and enhance the experience when you’re ready to hold your own. Communicating with spirits is significant, so it’s essential to approach it with respect.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Rules

The 8 Most Important Steps For Holding A Responsible Séance

Different cultures have distinct views on spirit communication. Approach your séance in a way that resonates with you. According to Jason Leahy’s article for The Baltimore Sun, the traditional Victorian notion of séances (people sitting in a circle in an elaborate home) has evolved into more modern practices. Find a medium who adheres to a practice that aligns with your beliefs for a successful séance. Each approach has its own set of rules regarding location, space cleansing, tools, group energy, spirit interaction, séance conclusion, and post-cleansing. Neglecting any part of this process can complicate the success of your séance.

Step 3: Select the Perfect Location

The 8 Most Important Steps For Holding A Responsible Séance

Although it may be tempting for first-timers to gather at a cemetery or a haunted house (thanks to horror movies), it’s wise to resist the urge. If you’ve already spoken to others and have some experience with séances, you can proceed. Many experienced mediums suggest holding séances at a comfortable place near the communal area in your home. There, you have more control, and the energy of the space is influenced by the time you’ve spent there with loved ones. If you choose to sit around a table holding hands, make sure to choose the right table, chairs, and even offer hospitality with food and drinks. Additionally, set the lighting to a dim level and pick a time when you won’t be interrupted.

Step 4: Cleanse the Space

The 8 Most Important Steps For Holding A Responsible Séance

Cleansing the space also involves setting good intentions. Dakota Bracciale, a self-proclaimed Witch, advised in an interview with W Magazine that you should be in the right “headspace” and approach spirits on solid ground. Some may choose to light candles or burn incense to create a suitable atmosphere.

Step 5: Gather the Necessary Tools

The 8 Most Important Steps For Holding A Responsible Séance

To ensure that all attention is focused on spiritual interaction, you’ll need a few items. Communication tools like an Ouija board can be used to respectfully open the lines of conversation between the living and the dead.

Step 6: Establish a Shared Energy

The 8 Most Important Steps For Holding A Responsible Séance

There are numerous ways to create an open connection between you and the spirits. Some people prefer holding hands around a table, while others may choose to meditate or chant together. Remember, these practices should not be rushed. Also, keep in mind that allowing your body to be a vessel for spirit communication requires experience. It’s recommended to have a séance led by a medium or use tools like an Ouija board for communication during your first attempt.

Step 7: Ask the Appropriate Questions

Even if spirits are present, effective communication across the boundary between your worlds is crucial. Ask direct and respectful questions, avoiding unnecessary or humorous inquiries. Just like miscommunication with a living person can be frustrating, mishandling a short window of contact with the spirit world due to poor preparation or unclear questions can be regrettable. Remember to be considerate and avoid upsetting anyone.

Step 8: Ending the Séance

After completing your questions, gently bring everyone’s attention back to the room itself. It’s time to end the séance and cleanse the space. You can perform cleansing rituals, pray, engage in energetic work, or simply take a few moments to breathe deeply. This process helps transition fully back into your world after an encounter with the spirit realm.

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