They’re Engaged! To Gift or Not to Gift?

They’re Engaged! To Gift Or Not To Gift?

You’ve just learned that your friend/cousin/neighbor/insert relationship here is getting married. Congratulations are in order! But how exactly? Is a simple “I’m so happy for you!” sufficient, or is a present an essential part of today’s engagement etiquette? Each engagement present should be as unique as the couple being honored, but bear in mind that the engagement is only the beginning, and the wedding should be the highlight.

With wedding showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners on the horizon, engagement presents might be prohibitively expensive. Friends and relatives of engaged couples should take it easy in order to avoid wedding burnout. Read: Engagement presents should not be expensive. So, what are some proper ways to congratulate the recently engaged?

They’re Engaged! To Gift Or Not To Gift?

When You Attend an Engagement Party

They’re Engaged! To Gift Or Not To Gift?

Never show up to a party empty-handed; however, newly engaged couples are unlikely to have registered yet, so avoid personal items such as candles, flowers, and picture frames that may or may not match their style. Furthermore, engagement parties are becoming more relaxed and fun—think backyard barbecues and even bowling parties—so more traditional presents are not necessary. Instead, we propose getting the pair a lovely bottle of champagne or a plant that will blossom long after they start their new life together.

When You Want to Say “Congratulations” in Person

Inviting a newly engaged couple to breakfast or supper is one of the nicest ways to celebrate their wonderful news. Select their favorite restaurant or hold a small dinner party at your house. The most essential thing is to spend time together and share their joy. If you do want to surprise the pair, choose a present that focuses on activities they can have together, such as a couple’s massage, movie tickets, or even a year of fruit and cheese duos delivered.

When Words Are Worth a Thousand Gifts

Handwritten notes are becoming less common, but a beautiful card with a personal, handwritten letter of congratulations might mean the world to the lucky couple. Furthermore, when your remarks are handwritten, they have something to cling on to and appreciate for years to come. Say something from the heart, share a particular tale, or just express your joy for them. Letters are an emotional and lasting approach to demonstrate the beauty of human connection.

They’re Engaged! To Gift Or Not To Gift?

Make It Personal

If you are prompted to give a gift to a newly engaged couple, be imaginative. Consider a personalized Christmas ornament engraved with their engagement date (or wedding date, if one has been set), a custom-labeled bottle of wine, or his and her coffee cups.

Gift-giving options will abound as the wedding day approaches. has the most recent bridal shower, bachelor, bachelorette, bridesmaid, groomsman, and wedding presents for every taste and budget.