Top 10 Marks In Selena Gomez’s Music Career

Top 10 Marks In Selena Gomez’s Music Career

Embarking on her journey from childhood acting in the renowned show Barney and Friends, Selena Gomez has since composed her own symphony in the music industry. She boasts of an impressive discography, with numerous albums and ten singles that have graced the top-ten of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Let’s dissect the crucial landmarks in her sonorous saga.

1. Selena Gomez’s harmonious voyage was initiated in her formative years when she emerged on Barney & Friends, a cherished children’s television series.

2. Her star soared during her teenage years, driven by her spellbinding performance in the Disney Channel series, Wizards of Waverly Place. She further enhanced her stardom with movie appearances in Monte Carlo and Spring Breakers.

3. Throughout her melodious journey, Selena Gomez has unleashed five enthralling studio albums. Her most recent musical masterpiece, Revival, was shared with the world in 2015.

4. Demonstrating her global appeal, she has racked up sales exceeding 7 million albums and 22 million singles globally, earning her a coveted spot among the highest-grossing artists in history.

5. Her musical prowess has been acknowledged with a multitude of accolades, including an American Music Award, an MTV Video Music Award, and a People’s Choice Award.

6. Despite several Grammy nominations, the elusive Grammy award still remains on her bucket list.

7. In 2016, Time magazine paid homage to her influence by naming Selena Gomez as one of the most impactful figures globally.

8. She set a record in 2017, becoming the pioneer to amass 100 million followers on Instagram.

9. Currently, Selena Gomez is brewing fresh melodies and anticipates to unveil her upcoming album sometime in 2018.

10. Her creative endeavors have transcended into production, where she has launched her own company, July Moon Productions. Her next venture includes executive production for the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.

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